Rais Mstaafu Benjamin William Mkapa RIP
Ulikuwa Kiongozi hata kimataifa!!!   
Upumzike kwa Amani.  Usamehewe  makosa yote.  
Roho Mtakatifu akuchukue katika Umilele Mtukufu. Amina!

Lord Almighty God, forgive our   X-President his sins and give him Your  Eternal Glory for ever and ever. Amen.  May he rest in peace with your heavenly chorus!

                Ametuchanganya  tumechanganyikiwa  hatuna la kufanya ni kusema tu  Jina lake na Litukuzwe milele.  Machozi yetu  yawe njia ya kumfikisha William Mkapa kupaa juu mbunguni kwa Baba akafurahi pamoja na watakatifu wake milele!!

Baba wa milele, Mwaka mmoja tu na huyu pia umemtaka kwako!!  Jina lako na litukuzwe na wote!

May they JUSTLY  rest in your Peace,   CHILD JESUS CHRIST. Glory to YOU!

Our great people of Tanzanian Nation

    NITAMLILIA  NANI?  NITAMSIHI YUPI!        Ni wewe peke yako!     Ee  Mungu Mkuu Uhumidiwe, Utukuzwe Milele.

He is  Almighty God,  he does what is righteous  in a very profound way.

Yes!      He lifted our beloved  John Magufuli so high that we can’t reach him now!

Bilieve or not, The Lord God is Mighty, and does his will Mightily.

He had induced and filled our late president with a mighty power.

Tanzania today is swirling  world wide because of his graces poured over to the real faithful Tanzanian Citizen, the late great, fearing God, unshaken leader!

He would, and will always remain  THE ALMIGHTY GOD.  AMEN AMEN!!


Yes, painfully!  Yet, peacefully!!!  May it be understood, God’s ways  and His  Omnipotent Power and will,  O V E R   E V E R Y T H I N G,  Exactly the  way Jesus surrendered   his life to God’s will,  is just the same way happened to our  President.  Then, end of this year in which our dear brother left his beloved country, as well as his beloved people. May Tanzanians whole kindheartedly, with  our tears, pour them under Jesus’ cross for the Glorification of his servant our late  President. Let us all pray that he receive the peaceful rest in eternal JOY in heaven!  Amen.

In The Lord God Almighty, one day is a thousand days and one year then could be said, is  thousands of years  or millions of years!  Oh  Gosh!!  A   HUGE Creed!!

Our’s is a great Lord,  May he never abandon our Tanzanian  Nation!  Never  Ever  at this time especially, than any other time!!!

Here, Now,   let us real appreciate God’s Will on the Tanzanian Nation, . Deprivation of  a wonderful, determined leader who did a grand good job.  The post  MAGUFULI   CITY . We can prove this in the very cute decisions made by his successor, as we pass the Great East – West Road,  She signing up  the post   MAGUFULI CITY,   placed by the road, in Chamwino District.   This is a very promising  sign of God’s will on our Nation, may it be honor to the great profound deeds of our Lord’s  unlimited power.  He Himself is imposing the life of our late president, showing that he is the right     man to follow his good activities imposed for all Tanzanians.  The Utilization of the land and all in it, living and non living  and so  siding with the fact of world wide opt of preservation  of our Earth, the  Creation;   Laudato Si.  

                                     May he be received  in your glorious  kingdom

They are happy those  piously seeking God’s Kingdom!



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