St. Ignatius Preparatory & Primary School is a Catholic-founded private school in Dodoma, Tanzania. The school started in 2003 with about 45 children and 3 teachers in the Kindergarten class. It was established by the Jesuits in Eastern Africa Province, to support the education of needy children in the area. St. Ignatius Prep & Primary school is run by the Jesuits in collaboration with the Sisters of Saint Gemma Galgani. The demand for the school has over the years increased with the establishment of lower and upper primary classes in 2005.
Student & Staff Capacity
Currently,  there are around 550 students at the school; about 150 of these students are in kindergarten and pre- standard one, while 400 students are in P1-P7. Out of the 550 students, 300 are boys while 250 are girls. Every year, about 50 new students are enrolled into the school. There are 23 teachers and 18 non- teaching staff at the school.
School curriculum & performance
The school curriculum is based on the Tanzanian primary education curriculum. Some of the subjects taught at the school include; English, Swahili, Mathematics, History, Geography, ICT, Religion and Science. However, ICT and Religion are not nationally examinable. Aside from these core subjects, students also have a talent class and attend vocational skills classes where they learn pottery, drawing and sewing among other skills. The school’s overall performance has improved since its establishment. In 2010, the school was ranked position 105 during the P7 national exam, while in 2011 the school was ranked in the 35th position.
School Mission
Inspired by the Jesuit intellectual tradition the mission of St. Ignatius Prep and Primary School is to educate young people to become morally responsible men and women for others who think critically, act wisely and skillfully to advance the common good.
Sponsorship program
Currently, 30 students are being sponsored by the school but the number is slowly increasing.
 2.  Future Plans
 The school plans to expand the number of streams per class to 4 streams. At the moment, each class has only one stream per unit.  The school also intends to increase the number of school buses to 4; there are presently 2 buses  Establish a teachers quarters for the teaching staff since most of them do not live near the school compound.  Because the school was built in a flood prone area, the school intends to start modifying its environment in the near future.
Areas of Greatest Need
1. Computers: the school intends to increase the number of computers so that all students may have access to IT classes.

2. Expansion of the number of streams per unit: due to the increase in the number of students, the school intends to increase the number of streams per unit. At present each unit/ class has one stream.

3. Put up a school hall: the school intends to build a school hall to serve the increasing school population.
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