St. Gabriel Home is a registered children center under the laws of the united republic of Tanzania that care for children of female prisoners.


The Police Commander of prison in Arusha and the Ministry of social welfare.


To ensure that children of female prisoners receive human parental care,  accommodation, food, education and other essentials.


Poverty is one among other causes which lead the women to commit crimes against the laws for imprisonment sentences for short or lifetime thus children have to suffer poor parental care and other social activities such as education.

Local community:

The residents at the Arumeru district are subsistent farmers, petty traders, local herders  in the maasai settled families, some are employed in Government& NGO s. The children walk a long distance, adversely, other children do not go to school because of tribal traditions. Water source is one of the problems in the area. Women walk   long distances to  get a twenty liter bucket of water.


When parent are locked in jails, the challenge  is that the children  lack prime target for survival  where no relative exists.

Future care:

The problem is that, their parents [mothers] are imprisoned for life and can not take their children after imprisonment sentences. These children thus require fostering parents, education and personal growing dignity including integrity.


The center Provide security, love, stability care for children of both sexes to grow  naturally in family ties, where they enjoy real sense of belonging, learn together share daily life. The centre have a village supportive environment /helping hand of local materials these children receive a right of education and care in the St. Gemma pre & primary school which is established for these children and offer accessible education for other children in the village at nominal fee. A deep water bore- hole serve the community, electricity aid flexible life and studies.


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Saint Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows (Possenti) was born at Assisi in Umbria in 1838. While very young, he attended school at Spoleto and seemed to be strongly attracted to the World. However, under the call of God’s grace, he entered the Congregation of the Passion of Jesus Christ where he lived so crucified to the world and so intimately united to God that he became a model of all the virtues, especially humility and obedience.

Moreover, he had a very great devotion to the Sorrowful Virgin who was, as it were, the whole reason for his holiness. He died at Isola of Gran Sasso in the Abruzzi on February 27th 1862. He was 24 years of age and had not yet completed his studies for the priesthood.

Near his tomb, there rose  a large sanctuary, a place of faith pilgrimages and a centre of religious influence. In 1926 Saint Gabriel was declared joint patron of the Catholic Youth of Italy and in 1959 principal patron of the Abruzzi.


Near Arusha, Northern Tanzania, is a location of  this community known as Mateves, located next to the Women’s Prison and close to the Arusha Municipal Airport.


Residential building /dormitories fully furnished small chapel  as well basic gas stove, shower and squat toilets;as well as external utility huts. home  buildings are divided into learning and play areas.

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Solar and wind(battery),diesel generator as back-up


The Legal ownership is St.Gemma Galgani Sisters of Dodoma in Tanzania, legally established charitable order of missionary catholic Sisters. The Congregation initiated  the service in response to local various needs, particularly for orphans and underprivileged children, at the same time to serve the poor, especially imprisoned women and children.


10-15 Children in residence (from the women’s prison) over 70 Children attending pre-school and primary school. The number will increase in due time.




The center has offered job opportunity for semi skilled and manual laborers, the pre & primary school English medium is catering for the children in the center  as well as the local children from nearby families.


The St. Gemma Galgani sisters Congregation administer the children’s Home and the school according to the national policy of education and social welfare department.

Sr. Flora Ndwata(Manager of St.Gabriel home – Mateves Arusha-Tanzania.)


The up keeping of the center is moderately possible due to outside sponsors and small ongoing projects at the center, hence: Gardening, poultry, piggery, milk cows, local fundraising, nominal school fees.

Project funding:

–          Polish founder constructed the children home.

–          Caritas Germany granted financial aid for construction of pre-school.

–          The Tanzania National Park (TANAPA) local initiated supported the construction of the primary school classrooms/school furniture’s.

–          KINDER MISSIONSWERK- Germany funded the school extension and administration block.

–          L.I.U New Man club under Fr. Charles p. Keeney Chaplain at Long Island University Brooklyn campus and his friends in U.S.A is another faithful donor.

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