ST.GEMMA GALGAN  SISTERS is a missionary congregation which was established in 1947 with its headquarters being in Dodoma. The main objective of the St. Gemma Galgani Sisters of Dodoma is Evangelization and religiosity  since 1947.  Additionally, the congregation has been dealing with the provision of various services to the needy people like patients in hospitals, orphas, children whose parents are in prison, and children with mental disability.

After the establishment of ST.GABRIEL HOME, 2004 the sisters thought it wise to in turn, establish a school where these children will be provided with quality education without discrimination of any kind for the purpose of rising, nurturing, developing and promoting their vast talents for building the nation and to become self reliant in their future endeavors.

Therefore the children who were once miserable, constrained in a limited area for punitive   reasons, humiliated and rejected by the society now have a home (ST.GABRIEL CHILDREN HOME) where they play freely, eat a balanced diet, receive parental care and basic human needs i.e. food shelter and clothing for their well being. These children also have a school (ST.GEMMA GALGAN PRE & PRIMARY SCHOOL) where they get quality education without discrimination of any kind.  Currently ST. GABRIEL HOME   takes care of about 15 children.

ST. GABRIEL HOME & ST.GEMMA GALGAN PRE & PRIMARY SCHOOL are situated at mateves -Arusha along Dodoma road just after Arusha air port ( Njoro road).

The school registration number is    AR. 02/3/ E. A 045        ,                 AR.  02/ 3 / 045
St. Gabriel home has registration since 2011.

In line with the originality of the thought of establishing the centre its mission is ‘’to ensure that basic, quality and affordable education is provided to all deserving children without discrimination of any kind’’

‘’To become a leading school in offering quality education and care for orphans, children of the prisoners and the children from poor families and dangerous environments’’


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