You are Blessed,  Oh Lord  for showing your self to the poor who now can  give you Glory in total freedom!

Bagamoyo Mlango wa Imani Katoliki Tanzania  Bara.

The First Missionaries first landed  in Bagamoyo.                                         There was a very serious  human slavery in the coast of East Africa.               By God’s mercy the missionaries  managed to stop it  after many years of struggling.

If Freedom is  Enjoyed to day   in the whole world,  there are Those  who struggled to bring it back from  the corruption brought  by the devil in the  human society.     Jesus  Christ as Master of Freedom ever since. How ever, Living in Jesus Christ means everything precious in any one’s life.

Our God is not God of slavery.  He is The Lord of Freedom!                            Yes!!!  He is Freedom  Itself!    Jesus  Christ!    Jesus  Christ!!                       Jeesus  Chrrisst!!!



Freedom of Worship you gave us,       Oh!  Lord  God  Almighty!    We praise you!

Lord our God!  Let Tanzania be the source of harmonious life in this world of  today!  Put away all  enemies who block our freedom of worship. Amen!!

The gate of  Our Faith   — Bagamoyo

An old Church  Bagamoyo.         The Lord  Reigns Here!

                                                 Ndani ya Jengo hili;  Makao yake Aliye Juu.

“Asante Ee Baba wa Mbinguni.   Tushushie Roho wako Mtakatifu.   Iangaze mioyo yetu  ikutambue  na kuadhimisha  jina lako, kulitukuza jina lako daima.  Amina!!!

Holy Spirit guide our Hearts to know You,  Almighty God,  The giver of Life.

Holy Spirit  The firmament of the  Whole Universe,        Do not forsake us!”

Furaha ya Injili      —     Miaka   mia moja hamsini!!!  (150)

The Joy of The Gospel  —  Hundred  and Fifty years !!!   (150)

“Almighty God Most High,  we give you our lives,  we ask and plead that you bless our Nation, Tanzania!  May the Holy Spirit spread through the whole nation  and  ignite  in all Tanzanian  hearts, so that  we never cease adoring your name!

In the Name of Jesus  Christ, reigning with you and the Holy Spirit one God for ever and ever   Amen!”

In your  Life,  Struggle hard to  Catch  His garment  lest  He slips away and leave you in slavery of the devil.   Behold!    The devil  is hunting  silently!


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