Bless Your Church God Most High. Revive our Spiritual Health so an able us to Praise  Your Name more and more!

Lord  God  of Hosts,  Bless  our   Pope  and all  your people!

Holy Spirit breathe a healthy Spirit into us your, poor helpless children, so that we cherish the joy we are bestowed by our Holy intercessor in heaven the Mother of God, Jesus Christ!

Mother  of   The  Incarnate Word  of God, Virgin Mary  of Kibeho pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of death.  Amen.                                                       You  are Qeen of heavens and earth,  Save us from the Covic  19 which is such a deadly  disease!

Bless our President of Tanzania on his good will to our nation, provoking in your Almighty Power to save the world from Covid-19.

Graciously hear our prayer  Oh Lord!

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