THE FORMATION of Congregation of Saint Gemma of Dodoma. 

Formation here  means  forming up growth of young people for religious vocation.

Girls in The aspiration stage on formation of religious life. Come and see.

Stages of Formation –Aspirants
Aspirancy is the time for searching. This is the time for transition from lay life to the religious life.
The aspirant and the community come to know each other and together discern the aspirant’s call to our congregation’s way of life. The formator assists the aspirant in her growth in spiritual, social, and intellectual and emotional maturity. The aspirant will grow in her relationship with Christ through personal prayers, spiritual reading, guidance and human activities. This period lasts for one year.
As we believe that God calls a Christian to a special way of following Him, he does not use force. He only invites. He respects a person by leaving it to one’s free choice.  (Mk. 10: 21).


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This is the time for making discernment. The aim of the Postulancy is to give them sufficient religious formation as a preparation for the novitiate. The aims include:
1. To have a deeper knowledge of the Congregation, its history, charism, and apostolate.
2. The Congregation and the postulant will come to deeper understanding and discernment of the postulant’s capabilities and vocation to the Congregation.
3. To help her gradually rid herself of the selfishness and orient herself for spiritual life in the novitiate.
4. To discover whether it is  a real call to our Congregation, and how she should respond to it.
5. To make sure that the postulant acquires sufficient human and spiritual growth necessary for successful religious life.

1. Manifestations of spiritual, personal and physical growth.
2. A readiness to be directed, cooperate with others and help one another.
3. Good foundation in spiritual life,
4. Good health and other endowments required by our Congregation

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Novitiate is the official beginning of the religious life. During this time the novice is assisted to discern her divine call leading her to a deepened personal relationship with Christ and to be initiated into the requirements of the religious life. The aims include:
• To develop her intimate relationship with God through prayer, the study of the person of Jesus, solitude, silence, reflection, liturgy and sacraments.
• To learn how to live a life of poverty, chastity, and obedience in the community.
• To understand and live the charism and mission of the Congregation.
• To prepare her for apostolic activity in awareness of the world’s needs and the signs of our time.
• To help her reach sufficient human psychological and spiritual maturity to make a free commitment to God’s call in profession.
The duration for novitiate is two years.

These are Journiour Sisters preparing for their final vows

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After the period of two years in the novitiate, the novices are allowed to make their first vows of Chastity, Obedience and Poverty.
Then they proceed with the on-going formation whose aims are:
• To learn to integrate apostolic life and prayer.
• To deepen further their understanding of the three vows.
• To deepen their understanding of the charism, spirituality and the mission of the Congregation.
• To learn to cope with the challenges of the religious life, e.g. community life, apostolic work and consecrated life.
• To be prepared  for the final vows which determines the complete discernment of the person’s commitment to missionary life.

On going formation – Religious life.

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The Consecrated Religious Life: Cathechesis and Ongoing Formation.

The life long self giving is continuous self sacrifice  of a religious person to her/his Creator.  In so doing,  God is glorified and the soul is sanctified  and the human kind is saved..


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