Sr. Gabriella entering into  God’ presence following  Sr. Victoria and Sr. Paoleta who recently became  residents of heaven as well!

Dying means going to heaven or  More touching, it means  MEETING THE AMIGHTY GOD! The Brightness itself!

This is the first and last sense of life on everything in this world of ours.

Those dying are only changing their state of being and having  that infinitive life for EVER and EVER.

When a person dies no body  find it simple or normal at all.  Always    New!.   Yes,   Always New!                      New because the face of God is new to anyone who dies and meets a new nation of  heaven!   This new  nation is  God  contained  as its world every where.  Meaning that in heaven God is  the  Prominent Controller,  King to everything.

So   Dying means getting a new heavenly life.    Leaving in God Almighty!

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