wamesimama                              Wanafunzi wa ufundi


Background: The centre started in January 2006 with 25 students and five teachers.

The Principal of the centre is Sr. Restituta.

Courses offered here are                                                             

  1. Needle work Theory
  2. Needle work Practical
  3. Mathematics
  4. Geography
  5. English
  6. Biology


The centre has good progress,  teachers are doing their work effectively and efficiently to ensure that the syllabuses are covered and the students can master their studies as well.  This is revealed i examination results.

 Enrolment: Since 2006 the enrolment increases gradually.

2006 the number of students enrolled were 22.

2007 were only seven.

2008 Student enrolled were twelve.

2009 were thirteen.

2010 students increased up to sixteen

2011 were twelve.

2012 they were fourteen

2013 we enrolled sixteen student who are going on with the course, which take two years, after that they sit for NACTE examination. Since 2006 the number of student  completed successful are 109.

This is an opportunity for all youth who complete primary or secondary school to join St. Gemma  vocation centre  for their own good.

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Our Contacts is

The Principal,

St. Gemma Vocational Centre,

P.O. Box 654,


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