1. BACKGROUND INFORMATION:The Polloni Orphan center in Kondoa started in 1947 after the Second World War. Many Children were suffering from hunger and accommodation. The sisters of Misericodia started taking care of them by giving them food, shelters and clothes. This was managed somehow under the umbrella of catholic parish of Kondoa as a mission work.

In 2001, The catholic Bishop of Dodoma officially handed over, the Polloni Orphanage  from the Misericordia Sisters of Verona to sisters of St.Gemma Galgani of Dodoma who have  been running the centre since then.

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In most cases Orphans are Vulnerable Children/Youth come to us by themselves or through a neighbor/guardian who has heard of our services. Some are found  in the streets helpless. Many are brought in after  death of their parents, especially mothers. Some are brought to us after being thrown away or abandoned by their mothers.

The total number of the Orphans today is 55 of which Girls are 29 and boys are 26. These are of different ages ranging from 0-22years old. There is a varied  group age  of the children as follows:-

  • Those who are schooling in Secondary school.
  • Those who are in Technical schools.
  • Those who are schooling in Primary schools.
  • Those who are in Kindergarten.
  • Those who are below 3 years.

These children  need continous  care and support all time. There are lots  of  problems which are faced in running the center;  the provision of some services which are crucial to the Orphans are Housing, Transport, School fees, Food, Uniforms, Water, human resource etc.

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The situation confronted in the  caring and follow up on running the home has had many challenges from the beginning. After a lot of efforts, some good people have been giving an  eye to help in various grounds to run the centre.

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