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General information Bulletin


To put in place means necessary to ensure  commitment of partners and stakeholders in the provision efficient and quality early childhood services to children with disabilities.

Aims & Objectives

To provide quality in early childhood services with a view of enhancing capacities of children with disabilities for complete psycho-social, emotional, educational and physical development.

Specific objectives:

To have parents/guardians and community involves in early childhood development of children with disabilities,

To build capacities of staff,

To offer technical aid/assisting devices appropriate for early childhood development of children with disabilities,

To offer physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy and early childhood/pre-school services to children with disabilities,

To encourage the inclusive education as presented and agreed world wide.


Miyuji Cheshire Home (MCH) is a residential centre for children with disabilities established through a partnership between the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania (Social Welfare Department) and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Dodoma in 1987. The government erected the buildings and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Dodoma, through a Memorandum of Understanding, manages day-to-day activities of the centre. A management board is the management organ of the centre and comprises of people representing various interest groups.


Situated a few Kilometres from Dodoma city centre (about 8 minutes drive from town centre), on Dodoma-Kondoa road, Miyuji Cheshire Home is a unique facility as it has a boarding facility and enrolls children from all over Tanzania.


A centre where children with disabilities access early childhood development (ECD) services as a basic human right.

To link Home with other institution offering similar or subsequent services

To build capacities of parent, guardians and community so as to enable them manage children with disabilities

To have male parents play an active and visible role in care and management of children with disabilities

To have gender balance in the enrollment of children with disabilities,

To act as a resources and information centre on disability and early childhood development and

To provide outreach services to children who may not enroll at the centre.

Programs/Services Offered.

Our services are tailored to go with the current trends and changes in disability and development and they include:

A two year pre-school services

Training on activities of daily living (children with mental disabilities)

Child concentrating (attention development) on an eye-hand coordination activity also aimed at developing fine motor skills and finger dexterity.

One-one activity to help children with behavior problem increases concentration and attention span.

Peripatetic support to disabled children enrolled in regular primary schools within Dodoma Municipality.

Problem we face and how you could help:

Financial resources: Many parents of disabled children are very poor and are not able to pay fees.The centre mainly depend   on donors and well-wishers to keep the children up and about.                              We need funds to renovate our buildings, classes and dormitories, pay recurrent utilities like electricity. Miyuji Cheshire Home invites all well wishers to participate in events aimed at raising funds, joining to the home day to day activities , buying our products, or giving a direct donation in cash or in kind etc.

Man resources: We lack qualified staff and we greatly rely on volunteers. How ever any one is welcome to give hand and show the children a kind and generous heart so that they fill happy and loved.

Transport: We want to reach many disabled children within their homes and even in the neighboring schools where we enroll some of our children. This is difficult because our only car is so old and not able to manage transport needs. We need to obtain another car for this kind of service to continue. You can help by making a contribution towards this cause.

Capacity building: We train parents on home-based care of their children  to enable them cope with situation of their children when they finish training at the centre.The  staff are also trained through workshops seminars and exchange visits on disability skills.

Because children with disabilities like other people with disability suffer undue discrimination and stigmatization as a result of cultural and attitudinal reproaches. The centre also advocates, lobbies, and raises awareness on disability among other things. The centre will also embark on delivery of more services.


MCH’s admission office registers new children from all over Tanzania, but we have a limited physical facility. This makes us to give priority to needy cases from far and those from within Dodoma Municipal can also get home based/outreach services. However parents can also be selected on a case-by-case basis for capacity building on home-based care of disabled children.

Registration forms are available at the admissions office in September and October and enrollment takes place in mid January.

Attitude: Negative attitude towards disabled children or persons affects provision of services. You can helps participating in events aimed at awareness raising like walks, wearing a blue ribbon (in support of disabled peoples rights), purchasing products made by disable people or by just supporting projects that are meant to empower people with disabilities like buying a wheelchair, materials for use by disabled people and other finances.

NB: All well wishers can  help by promoting volunteer activities for the disabled. Can change the negative attitude of  people by imposing positive ideas towards the disabled.

Help line:                                                                                                                                                       Persons interested to donate, contribute or help in any way are sincerely invited to contact.

The manager

Miyuji Cheshire Home

Box 1895,

Dodoma, Tanzania.

Mobile:  0755 477205, 0756 529873, 0789 299673.

E-mail: miyujicheshire@yahoo.com

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