Basiliana Infirmary House started in 2009 for the purpose of serving the sick / aged sisters of this Congregation. It started with 6 sisters, 3 bedridden. The house can accommodate 60 sisters, the house maintains its own autonomy; having projects like small bakery, animal keeping and gardening growing and increasing other small financial facilities marching current situation.

The sisters are sick they can not walk long distance they need several things such as a car, chapel, human resources  etc. within the home. So,  any one is invited to give hand in kind and material to help or assist with any way .

The actual  background information of the project attributes to the sick/aged Sisters of St. Gemma Galgani  and the surrounding population at Miyuji  proper- Dodoma outskirts.*

The St. Gemma Sisters like many other religious Congregation around Dodoma Municipality, undertake the tasks of Pastoral and  socio-concern in the local Churches in seven dioceses in Tanzania.

The promotion of Evangelization and human development  such as education; Health Services, care for the orphans, children,, children of female prisoners, and Children with mental retarded disabilities are motives of  St. Gemma Sisters mission / ministry.

The sisters do the farming and animal keeping to sustain life in small low income, The Congregation is at utmost striving to cope with financial up keeping.


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There  is a need to respond to challenges faced by this sick and elderly group. There are lots to share as they are our sisters who  have served us to their last drop, in total surrender. Save a visit one day and contribute to the disabled and you will receive a hundred shold.


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