BACKGROUND: Basiliana Visentini Nursery and Preparatory-school Started in  1970 as day care centre under the Ministry of Social Department. This lounched the commencement of day care centre. The centre admits  children from the age of 2 – 6 years old.

The growth of the Centre: In order to have qualified teachers, the Congregation educated Sisters for the service of their centres including Basiliana  Visentini  centre. In 1976, the late  Sr. LuciaMaria Kichiku       became the first managing  teacher for the centre, starting with a number of 65 children.

Registration of the centre: It was officially registered in 4.11.1985.  Certificate  No.000105, with the name of Kondoa Parish. In 1997 when the Congregation was celebrating 50 th anniversary the centre was renamed Basiliana Visentini in respect of Principal formattor and the first Teacher of the congregation of St Gemma Galgani sisters.

In recent years the Curriculum for pre- schools changed, and therefore children with 3-4 years are eligible for Nursery and 5-6 years are for Pre-primary class

The aim of this school is to give early childhood education and care/nurture for all children with the age of 3-6years from Kondoa Township, neighboring villages and children from Polloni Orphanage. The teachers helps the children to develop their mental abilities, build good relationship among them,  and teachers, moral and good manners and prepare them to be admitted to class one in Primary schools. They also learn subjects like Reading, writing, Arithmetic’s, sports and games.

   The number of children in the school is an average of 130 pupils per year.

All parents are welcome to register their children in the school.

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