Who is Saint Gemma?

Maria Gemma Umberta Pia Galgani was an Italian mystic, she was born on 12th  of March, 1878, at the hamlet of Borgo Nuovo in the provincial town of Capannori.

She was canonized  in  1940.   She has been called the “Daughter of Passion” because of her profound imitation of the Passion of Christ. St Gemma’s extraordinary life and her heroic practice of virtue greatly inspired many people. Her quiet manner-which was the consequence of her constant deep recollection and union with  Jesus, her extraordinary devotion and attention to God, which was seen outwardly whenever one happened to gaze at her during the Mass. Everything about her radiated an exceptional devotion  and love for God.

The heroic virtues that she practiced was the model to all people around her.   Gemma’s heart was all on fire out of love for Jesus, and those who came near to that furnace were irresistibly warmed by it.  Her love consisted of this:  The willingness to sacrifice and suffer out of love for God for the conversion of sinners and to keep always in mind and heart the Passion of Jesus.  Today we have two persons Mother Gemma Eufemia Giannini and Venerable Padre Germane Ruoppolo C.P.s  who by witnessing and experiencing Gemma’s extraordinary love for Jesus in their close friendship with Gemma, have been officially declared Venerable and are well along on the way to be canonized.




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